Marc Moulin

'Placebo Years Lost & Found'

release September 21, 2018

Lost & Found or the musical flair of Marc Moulin.


Elegantly picking up the trends of his time, Marc Moulin (1942-2008) anticipated new musical genres with the production of cult albums. He made his own cocktail of jazz, soul, downtempo, electro and lounge with Placebo (1971-1974), Sam Suffy (1976), Telex (1979-1986) and a trilogy on the Blue Note label (2001-2007).

Unreleased tracks are now resurfacing with Lost & Found, a compilation of three tracks originally recorded in 1973 for Phalène, the play by journalist and playwright André Drossart.

This session was recorded with  Marc Moulin's band Placebo.

Whereas the track Phalène had already been published in a shortened version on Placebo's album 1973 and on the B-side of the single Balek, Lost & Found presents its full 28-minute version, as well as two new compositions of the time, Phalène III and Phalène IV.

And for the first time, after 45 years, Placebo's original 3 LP's are available on digital platforms.


Ten years after his death, Marc Moulin has left us an imposing musical heritage that we continue to enjoy.

Marc Moulin

by Philip Catherine & STUFF.

13-10-2018 (sold out)

14-10-2018 (sold out)


Philip Catherine and STUFF. pay tribute to Marc Moulin during a unique concert. By doing so, Flagey puts the musical genius of the Belgian jazzfunk-electro pioneer in the spotlight ten year after after he passed away.


Marc Moulin is known as a man whose music was much ahead of time. His various groundbreaking records were always announcing new music genres: fusion jazz with Placebo, downtempo with Sam Suffy, electro techno with Telex and lounge with his Blue Note-trilogy. His musical heritage has inspired not only Belgian artists but musicians world-wide.


Belgian legend Philip Catherine starts the evening with his interpretation of Moulin’s music. Until his death in 2008, both friends were sparring partners. Catherine inspired his friend Moulin to start playing the electric guitar and to form the band Placebo. Philip Catherine’s quintet plays songs from the legendary album Stream which he recorded in 1971 with Marc Moulin and producer Sacha Distel, re-released in 2017 by Warner.

After the intermission, STUFF., known for their strong and surprising live shows, reworks Moulin’s musical heritage in their very own way. They create their own sound with components from fusion jazz known to us from Placebo or the beats of Telex.


podcast of this concert:  here

'Marc Moulin XL': special van drie uur

(verwijzing naar Ixelles: geboorteplek & laatste woonplaats van Marc)


Op woensdag 26 september is het exact 10 jaar geleden dat Marc Moulin overleed.


Radio1 eert zijn unieke talent als muzikant, schrijver en radiomaker met een special van drie uur in Wonderland. Zoals steeds gepresenteerd door Korneel Declercq maar nu éénmalig bijgestaan door Jan Hautekiet.

Wie was Marc Moulin? Wat heeft hij betekend in de Belgische muziek en kunsten in het algemeen? En wat is zijn erfenis voor de toekomst?

Ja, veel vragen en het antwoord daarop wordt gegeven op woensdag 26 september in Marc Moulin XL. Met een uitzending vol live muziek, gasten die begeesterd zijn over Marc Moulin en ... met jou?


- Live muziek & praatgasten -

Worden verwacht: Placenta Plays Placebo, een hommage aan Placebo (de groep van Marc begin jaren '70) die momenteel door Vlaanderen tourt (nog Casino Sint-Niklaas & CC Muze Heusden-Zolder), Christa Jerôme, zangeres van de grootste Marc Moulin-hit 'Step into the dark' en gitaarvirtuoos & vriend Philip Catherine.


Jan Hautekiet praat vol passie over de vele talenten van Marc Moulin en hun persoonlijke vriendschap. Dan Lacksman diept verhalen op uit de periode van Telex en we gaan ook op bezoek bij Richard Rousselet, origineel lid van Placebo in de vroege jaren '70 . En, last but not least, twee youngsters van STUFF. komen praten over de toekomst van de muziek van Marc. En Mixmonster Menno (STUFF) draait een uur lang een Marc Moulin Megamix.

Philippe Baron: 10 years ago, we lost Marc Moulin, musician and so much more. #todayinjazz we start a series, digging back into our archives to hear Marc talking about music. To hear not only his clever comments, but also that special voice again. It will go on until October 13th, when Musiq3 will broadcast a special Moulin memorial concert live from Flagey, featuring Philip Catherine and Lander Gyselinck's Stuff. Philip is said to include several tracks from "Stream", his first album, on which Marc Moulin was keyboard player.

Hommage à Marc Moulin, 1/3

Émission du 25/09 - 22:00

Un hommage à Marc Moulin, un géant de la radio, figure tutélaire pour beaucoup d'entre nous, musicien, animateur, écrivain, homme de théâtre . Nous diffusons l'émission que Jean-Pierre Hautier qui nous a quittés lui aussi, avait réalisée pour son ami, le 1 octobre 2008, quelque sjous après la mort de marc Moulin. Une émission émouvante il y a dix ans, constellée d'archives ; où derrière l'histoire d'un homme se dessine en filigrane l'histoire de la radio ; avec Hugues Le Paige,Jean-Jacques Jespers, Michel Gheude, Jean-Marie Sohié, Mamine Pirotte, Jacques Beckaert, Jan Hautekiet , Jacques Mercier et Alain Van den Abeele.


Hommage à Marc Moulin, 2/3

Émission du 2/10 - 22:00

Retour sur son parcours musical avec ses amis, musiciens et autres, qui évoquent sa personnalité et son influence. Avec Dan Lacksman et Michel Moers de Telex, Fabienne Vandemeersche, Ron et Russel des Sparks, Philippe Catherine, Jacques Duval, Alain Chamfort, Gilles Verlant, Thierry Coljon Avec aussi un extrait d'un entretien de Michel Béro avec Marc Moulin.


Hommage à Marc Moulin, 3/3

Émission du 9/10 - 22:00

On retrouve Rudy Léonet, Sébastien Ministru, Philippe Geluck, Jacques Mercier, Pierre Kroll, Nathalie Ufner Jean_Luc Cambier et Gilbert Lerderman. Avec aussi en archives : un entretien de Marc Moulin avec Michél Béro et avec Jean-Pierre Hautier, un extrait des Tilquins et du Jeu des Dictionnaires et bien sûr la très belle musique de Marc Moulin.